The Charlotte’s Web CBD Production Process

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The Charlotte’s Web CBD Production Process

At Savage Cabbage, we’re proud to be official partners and distributors of Charlotte’s Web CBD. The company was created by 7 Stanley brothers who believe in creating a world where good health through nature is accessible to all. Charlotte’s Web CBD and their rigorous commitment to quality and consistency are what distinguishes their company from the rest. This starts with their seeds, is nurtured through their seeds and hands-on approach to farming and ends with their high-quality, full spectrum hemp extracts that the world has come to know, love and rely upon.

Charlotte’s Web organically grow hemp the best way they know how: with quality and care at every step of the process. That is why every single stage of production is monitored, beginning with high-quality raw materials.

The Charlotte’s Web CBD Production Process – Step by Step

, The Charlotte’s Web CBD Production Process

Pre-Planting in Winter

Every winter, Charlotte’s Web set out to evaluate the previous year’s output and plan for the upcoming planting season in spring. The beauty of Mother Nature means that no two Winter seasons are consistent. In particular, the previous year’s production and processes are used to better understand areas for improvement. The pre-planting season can officially begin once we’ve made the necessary adjustments and improvements for the coming year.

For new Charlotte’s Web CBD farms, each location begins with a full farm assessment, which includes crop rotation, pesticide testing, and inspection of soil for heavy metals, water contaminants and microbial testing. Soil and water sampling are especially important as the hemp plant is highly absorptive. To ensure there are no contaminants, we test the soil’s nutrient content and irrigation.

Existing farms are subjected to a less stringent assessment because we use them regularly year on year. Charlotte’s Web prohibit the use of any synthetic pesticides found in traditional agriculture and as such, once a farm’s location has been sufficiently verified, pesticide and heavy metal testing on these farms is minimal.

As with most agricultural crops, the preparation of the field varies from farm to farm. Charlotte’s Web hemp is grown in a variety of fields across the US, and no two farms are alike. Row spacing varies according to a variety of factors including planting date, hemp genetic, farming equipment and so on. Due the organic commitment of Charlotte’s Web, a minimum 50 metre buffer zone is used when growing next to non-organic farms.


Planting Season in Spring

When spring arrives, Charlotte’s Web physically plant their proprietary hemp genetics in the ground to start their growth in their new home. Seeds are either sown and germinated in a greenhouse prior to being taken into open field or directly planted in the field. For the majority of Charlotte’s Web CBD production, greenhouse nurseries are used to care for seedlings before they are transplanted outside. This allows the seedlings to have additional love, care and support in their earlier years of infancy before going into the more dynamic outdoor environment.

The seedlings are then planted who pick out the young plants out of a tray and place them directly into the planting wheel.

, The Charlotte’s Web CBD Production Process

Summer is the growing season.

Plants are nurtured to maturity to reach optimal growth levels as the summer season approaches. Charlotte’s Web trust the earth in everything they do, and the growing season is no different. Summer provides plenty of sunlight and water for the Charlotte’s Web hemp plants, and Mother Nature often provides the sufficient nutrients to allow each plant to grow strong and healthy. Additional natural and organic nutrients before planting are added if required to ensure a healthy crop. To ensure that no harmful chemicals end up on the plants, all fields are monitored and weeded regularly.

Harvest Season in the Autumn

There is always some variability that exists when harvesting hemp due to the natural variations between seedlings. While some of Charlotte’s Web hemp genetics may mature towards the end of Summer, the majority of harvests take place in Autumn. It’s often the most spectacular time on year on the farms as this season literally yields the fruits (or hemp) of the labour of the past months of hard work.

The harvest begins by carefully watching and monitoring plants to determine the best time to harvest, ensuring that each crop provides the most significant benefits to our family of customers. This is more of a dance with Mother Nature to find the best harvest window, backed by science-based testing to ensure accuracy. Bad weather conditions can naturally have an impact on harvest plans.

When the plants are mature, they are harvested mechanically or by hand. This varies on a farm-by-farm basis and dependent on the size of the harvest. Larger harvests typically require some sort of machinery.

, The Charlotte’s Web CBD Production Process

Final Packaging & Processing

After Mother Nature has finished her work, the human expertise of Charlotte’s Web takes over. The rest of the hemp manufacturing process is primarily on the shoulders of the extraction and processing teams.

Depending on the compounds required and the product being produced, extraction is carried out using either CO2 or an alcohol-based process (Charlotte’s Web Original Formula oil is alcohol-extracted, whereas all their other products are CO2-extracted). The output is then tested for potency and chemical composition once more before being batch labelled for the dilution process.

Following dilution and blending, the consumable finished product is tested for heavy metals, potency, residual solvent, pesticides, and microbiological contamination to meet Charlotte’s Web stringent compliance procedures and product specifications.

Only after the final product has passed all screenings (over 20 rounds of testing in total), will it reach you.

, The Charlotte’s Web CBD Production Process