CBD Oil vs CBD Capsules, CBD Gummies: A comparison

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, CBD Oil vs CBD Capsules, CBD Gummies: A comparison When CBD shot to prominence, most products came in the form of CBD oil. Nowadays, many more CBD product types exist. With so many different products to choose from, shopping for the right CBD product for you can be tricky. Let’s compare three of the most common forms and look at the benefits of CBD oils, capsules and gummies.


CBD oil is made up of hemp extract combined with a carrier oil such as olive oil, medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) or hemp seed oil. The hemp extract is either full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or an isolate. It comes in a tincture dropper bottle and is often available in numerous strengths. The strength of the CBD oil is denoted by:

  • mg/ml: Milligrams of CBD per 1 millilitre
  • Total mg: Total milligrams of CBD in the entire bottle

It is most effective when consumed sublingually. Drop the oil under your tongue and let the oil absorb directly into your bloodstream. At

The benefits of CBD oil:

They offer flexibility

CBD oil is measured using the dropper that comes with the bottle. This means that, unlike capsules, and gummies, the dosage is more flexible. Depending on your individual needs or how you’re feeling at any moment, you can choose to either have a smaller amount or consume more drops for a stronger effect.

They have higher bioavailability

Bioavailability is related to how a supplement breaks down and is absorbed within the body. For CBD, the bioavailability depends on the format in which it enters the body. As CBD oils are placed under the tongue, the CBD goes directly to the bloodstream through the sublingual gland. The oil is absorbed into the bloodstream. In comparison, CBD capsules or CBD gummies are digested in food format.

  1. 1. They can be added to food or drinks

CBD oil can easily be added to your favourite foods and drinks. You can mix CBD oil with your breakfast cereal in the morning or a post-workout shake. However, this does mean the CBD will take longer to feel versus placing it under the tongue. Be careful of your flavour choice if you plan to mix with food or drink!

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules have been growing in popularity due to their similarity with other wellness supplements. These are usually an oval shape that encloses the CBD oil in a soft or hard container like gelatin or vegetable cellulose. Charlotte’s Web latest capsule product is a new CBD oil liquid capsule that is 100% vegan and contains the famous hemp extract that has become synonymous with the global CBD industry.

CBD capsules tend to be a popular choice alongside gummies because you don’t need to think about the amount of CBD you are planning to consume. They are precisely dosed so you know exactly how much CBD you are consuming with each capsule (typically 15mg or 25mg per capsule). Capsules are ideal for having as part of your morning routine or whenever you consume other vitamins and supplements. They are portable and easy to carry wherever you go.

The benefits of CBD Capsules:

They take the guesswork out of dosing

The dosage of CBD capsules is more controlled than with CBD oils. While CBD oils remain very popular, capsule users enjoy the certainty and convenience of consuming their daily dose of capsules. Plus, the capsule formulation is identical to CBD oil, just served in precise amounts of CBD per capsule so you know the right amount to take.

They are convenient

If you’re taking CBD throughout the day, it is easy to transport and take your CBD capsules on the go. You can take CBD capsules anywhere without worrying about any leaks and can take just a few capsules with you rather than carrying around a whole bottle. For people on the go, capsules are ideal to ensure you can maintain your daily CBD wellness routine with no hassle.

They Have no Texture or flavour

Since CBD capsules are odourless, are unflavoured and are swallowed whole, they are a good option for people who do not like the texture or flavour of oil in their mouth. Users typically liken CBD capsules to having daily wellness supplements like cod liver oil or vitamins with a glass of water during their daily routine.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are a type of food that comes in various formats and flavours. The gummy category has been growing globally due to its popularity as a tasty method of consuming daily wellness supplements. Gummies are typically chewable and have been infused with CBD so that they taste just like conventional gummies. They also bring you the additional wellness benefits of CBD in a fun and familiar product form. The bioavailability of CBD in gummies is lower than CBD oil being consumed sublingually.

The benefits of CBD Gummies:

They are tasty treats with wellness benefits

There is a large variety of different flavour CBD gummies to mimic all the conventional sweets. In fact, with the best gummies on the market, you likely wouldn’t notice the difference between CBD gummies and traditional gummy sweets! Many brands promote use-cases by integrating other wellness ingredients in their formulas alongside CBD.

They are convenient and discreet

CBD gummies look like any other sweet or candy, so it is easy to integrate them into your daily routine. Similar to capsules, they are easy to transport and consume

throughout the day and provide a precise amount of CBD per gummy.

They are ideal for beginners

CBD newbies can be a little intimidated by the format of CBD oils, which can feel foreign to people that haven’t used products sublingually before. Gummies eliminate that problem and provide an easy way to try CBD. They are also great if you don’t like the taste of CBD oil or have issues swallowing capsules.

What should I choose?

The short answer. It depends. One particular CBD product type isn’t necessarily the best or better than the other.

Start by thinking about how you want to incorporate CBD into your daily routine and why. What does your day to day look like, and when do you want to take CBD and then think about what product or combination would best match that. What is best will be dependent on your unique circumstances.

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