FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL, full spectrum CBD Oil

What is full spectrum CBD Oil and why does it matter?

Nearly everyone’s heard of CBD these days. And according to recent research, nearly 20% of UK adults are using CBD. Benefits include helping to support with daily stressors, bringing a sense of calm to the daily routine and promoting a better sleep pattern. CBD oils are by far the most popular format in the UK, offering greater effectiveness and duration than other formats. But did you know not all CBD is the same? Full spectrum CBD oils offer the greatest benefits as these include all the beneficial parts found in the hemp plant – other phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals and more. 

CBD is just one of the many beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant to support your lifestyle. Let’s explore what a full spectrum CBD oil contains and why it matters.  

Comparing Full Spectrum CBD Oil vs Broad Spectrum vs Isolate CBD 

Have you tried a cheap CBD oil product and been disappointed when you’ve noticed no benefits? You’re not alone if so. The FSA commissioned a survey that reported a whopping 1 in 3 adults have stopped taking CBD products after use.  

While CBD oils may be the most popular format, most people make the mistake of judging their CBD products simply by their strength and cost. And that’s because not all CBD products are made equal. There is a big difference in the quality and effectiveness of CBD products, and you’ve got to look beyond the CBD content to understand this. CBD may be the star ingredient, but it can become far more effective to your well-being when it has a little help from its friends.  

A multitude of CBD products exists on the market. These can be categorised as:

  1. Full spectrum: Contains CBD and all other hemp compounds including minor cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.
  2. Broad spectrum: No formal definition exists, but they typically contain CBD and a few other hemp compounds. THC is completely removed after extraction to 0%.
  3. Isolate: The purest form of CBD made by extracting out all other compounds, leaving pure CBD as a singular compound.
FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL, full spectrum CBD Oil

Now you’ve definitely heard the phrase “you get what you pay for”? So you should know a little secret. CBD isolate is the cheapest and most abundant product on the market. And the most expensive? Yes, you guessed it. Full spectrum CBD oils, which are packed with naturally occurring plant-powered goodness.

While CBD is the most important compound found in the hemp plant, it is just one of the many beneficial compounds found in natural hemp extracts. When we use the phrase full spectrum, it refers to the diverse array of compounds found in the hemp plant. Since the hemp plant contains naturally occurring cannabinoids and other plant compounds with value, the most supportive products are those that capture the full spectrum of Mother Nature in its most natural form.

Why Does A Full Spectrum CBD Oil Offer Better Wellness Benefits?

Think of your body like a car (or a motorbike if that’s your style). There are various components to a car that are critical to keeping it moving. The tyres, the engine, steering wheel, battery, brakes – the list goes on. The engine is perceived as the most important component – the performance of the vehicle ultimately depends on it.

But you still require all the other parts of the car to make it as effective as possible.

FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL, full spectrum CBD Oil

Flat tyre? Your car’s performance is going to drop off. Gear box or brake issues? Your car isn’t going to last long without seeing the mechanic. 

Simply put, the engine may be the driving force behind the car (no pun intended), but all the other components are contributing to ensuring your vehicle operates in the way it should. And arguably just as important.

Now you may be thinking…what’s this got to do with CBD?

Full Spectrum CBD Oil UK: The Entourage Effect and Why It Matters

CBD is just one of the many beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant. There are over 100 different cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, not to mention terpenes, flavonoids and various other useful vitamins and minerals. Full spectrum CBD oils take extract as many of these good nutrients as possible in their products.

The famous philosopher, Aristotle, once said:

“The whole is greater than the sum of parts”

Just like a car, all of the hemp compounds work together synergistically to make their benefits to you more effective, longer lasting and supportive to your wellness. Scientists have studied this in detail and even given this phenomenon a name - ”the Entourage Effect”. The synergistic relationship between these naturally occurring compounds has been shown to improve effectiveness when combined rather than isolated.

Simply put, full spectrum CBD oils will offer better and longer-lasting results. Full spectrum CBD oils don’t leave behind any of Mother’s Nature’s goodness, they extract every last drop of benefits the hemp plant has to offer.

Full Spectum CBD Oil – What else does it contain?

So now you understand why a full spectrum CBD oil is an important choice. But what else is actually in a full spectrum CBD product?

Other Cannabinoids in Full Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD is just one of many phytocannabinoids that can be extracted from the hemp plant, alongside flavonoids, terpenes and many other plant compounds. So while CBD tends to be the headline, it’s worth understanding what else you’re getting in the highest quality full spectrum CBD oil products.

Did you know that your body produces cannabinoids? These are called endo-cannabinoids, meaning those produced internally. In a similar fashion, Phyto-cannabinoids (like CBD) are plant derived. Spot the similarity?

In the hemp plant, there are over 100 phytocannabinoids that have been identified to date. As the only company in the world with patent-protected hemp genetics, Charlotte’s Web CBD has one of the richest cannabinoid profiles globally, with over 80 different cannabinoids being present in their full spectrum CBD Oil. The Original Formula is widely regarded as the premier full spectrum CBD Oil available globally, due to the unique production process from farm to bottle on every batch.

There are numerous other phytocannabinoids that exist in the hemp plant. Some of the additional cannabinoids found in full spectrum CBD oils include cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) and cannabinol (CBN). Trace amounts of THC are also found in full spectrum products to enhance the Entourage Effect in these products. But don’t worry, there is no psychoactive effect from the THC found in full spectrum CBD oils. Each of these compounds has their own unique relationship with your body and promoting balance within. And the combination of these alongside CBD make your full spectrum CBD Oil more effective.

Terpenes in Full Spectrum CBD Oils

Terpenes are fragrant oils that are found in the hemp plant, but also in a variety of other plants, fruits, vegetables and spices. They are volatile molecules and have been used for centuries across different industries including food, drinks, healthcare and beauty. There are over 200 terpenes that have been identified in the hemp plant, all with varying scents and effects. Each variety of the hemp plant (there are thousands!) has their own unique profile of terpenes, which can often be identified by their aroma. One of the most common terpenes found is limonene, which can also be found in the skin of citrus fruits.

Flavonoids in Full Spectrum CBD Oils

Flavonoids are a group of phytonutrients that are found in lower concentrations than cannabinoids and terpenes but are equally important in creating a full spectrum product. These are plant metabolites and can also be found in many foods including onions, kale and dark chocolate.

The Final Verdict: Full Spectrum CBD Oils Offer A Superior Solution

While there are countless CBD oil products on the market, it is important to evaluate the full product details beyond just the CBD content of the bottle. To ensure you are getting a high quality, natural product, make sure you take a moment to review the Certificate of Analysis presented with the product and whether the product is just an isolate, or contains more than just CBD.

We may be biased. But we’ve seen first hand the benefits of full spectrum CBD Oils, offering results when other products don’t.

Our verdict – always choose a full spectrum CBD oil where you can. They are not the cheapest, and rightly so. Your body is the only body you will live in during this lifetime, so fuel it with the highest quality supplements that offer the long-lasting benefits of nature.

And if a full spectrum CBD oil isn’t right for you, we recommend broad spectrum products, which offer some of the Entourage Effect benefits that exist in full spectrum.

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