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As one of the oldest and most trusted CBD companies in the EU, we have been advocates for whole plant hemp products since our inception. The Savage Cabbage range of products was created to provide customers with better choices and greater access to the powers of whole plant hemp products. The CBD market is flooded with products that claim to provide the benefits of CBD, however the reality is that there is a significant differences in quality between these hemp products and all products are not equal.

At Savage Cabbage, we stand for whole plant, full spectrum products. This means our products contain all the beneficial compounds that exist in the hemp plant as well as CBD, not just CBD alone as an isolated compound. We’ve worked hard with our partners in the US to develop our own range of whole plant, full spectrum hemp extracts, now available with our new branding


How do I use Savage Cabbage CBD?

Savage Cabbage CBD can be consumed in numerous ways that are safe and effective. The most common method of using Savage Cabbage CBD Oil is to use sublingually under the tongue. Other popular methods include adding to food or drink, although usually have a longer onset time compared with sublingual absorption. We recommend that you start with a low and consistent dose, gradually increasing over time until you find your sweet spot. Every person’s tolerance to CBD is different, so it is important to reflect on your experience.

Is Savage Cabbage CBD any good?

Savage Cabbage CBD is one of the oldest and most trusted CBD companies in the EU. Their CBD oil is one of the best value, full spectrum products in the EU, with a delicious olive oil flavour and a full array of beneficial hemp compounds that work synergistically to support your self-care routine.

Is Savage Cabbage CBD legal in the EU?

Yes, Savage Cabbage CBD is legal and contains under 0.2% THC. Savage Cabbage CBD contains a full array of CBD and other beneficial hemp compounds to offer the Entourage Effect and offer one of the best value full spectrum CBD oils in the EU.

Where can I buy Savage Cabbage CBD?

Savage Cabbage CBD has been developed exclusively for Savage Cabbage and is only available at the Savage Cabbage shop. We recommend buying Savage Cabbage CBD from the official website only to guarantee the quality of the products and the lowest prices, confirmed with third-party testing.