Why only 2
CBD brands?

Why only 2 CBD brands?

What on earth does this have to do with CBD?! 

Imagine you’re going to the supermarket to buy your toothpaste. Colgate. Oral-B. Sensodyne. A handful of other brands perhaps.

Now imagine a full aisle, packed with hundreds of toothpaste brands lined up in front of you. 100s of  toothpaste brands. All selling different benefits for your teeth and oral health.

, Why Only Two Brands of CBD

Think you’re going to be able to pick the right product for your particular needs?

Our human brains physically aren’t able to deal with that amount of choice. I mean who can make the right product choice when there is so much choice?
We get it. No one shops for toothpaste like that. But think back to the last time you fancied watching something different on Netflix – and you’ve ended up spending just as much time choosing something as watching something. Is having more choice always better?

The idea that more choice is better for us simply doesn’t hold true anymore. As a customer, your time is valuable and precious. And simply put, more choice often leads to stress, indecision and eventually inertia.

Fortunately, at Savage Cabbage, we like to do things a bit differently.

It was reported that there were over 1,000 CBD brands on the UK market in 2020. Let that sink in for a minute. 1,000 brands, thousands more products.

And unfortunately, that makes it difficult for you to know what you’re choosing.

Fortunately, at Savage Cabbage, we like to do things a bit differently.

We don’t see the value in stocking hundreds of brands and leaving you to guess what are the best products. We aim to make your experience as simple as possible.

We use our industry experience as one of the oldest and most trusted companies to deliver the gold standard of CBD products. Speaking from a point of authority, we’ve been here since before CBD was the hot trend that it is today. And we’ll be here long after those “other companies” have come and gone.

, Why Only Two Brands of CBD

We’ve done the research and hard work on all of our products to ensure you are receiving only the best hemp supplements that will let you live better, naturally. Whole plant hemp goodness, meticulously created with passion and care to deliver sustainable results for your well-being.

The best of the hemp plant in a bottle. Full spectrum goodness that will support the wear and tear of your modern day life. Trust us when we say you won’t find better full spectrum CBD products than ours.

Every one of our full spectrum CBD products works.

We’re not interested in fads and fashions of self-care. We’re all here for real products inspired by Mother Nature and backed by science. With a focus on quality over quantity.

We’ve experienced countless stories of CBD transforming the lives of our community each and every day. And we do the hard work up front to make your shopping experience easy so you don’t have to. And so that you can shop with absolute confidence.

That isn’t fluff. See what our customers have to say about it

Because sometimes, less is more.