What Strength of Full Spectrum CBD is Right for Me?

Choosing what CBD product is right for you is a unique process. The common pitfall many people make is picking their CBD products based on the price per milligram of CBD. When buying full spectrum CBD products like Charlotte’s Web, you’re buying more than just CBD.

Take when you are at the supermarket shopping for example. You don’t buy a pack of oranges just for its Vitamin C; you buy oranges for all the nutritional benefits of terpenes, vitamins and minerals in there. Oranges are remarkably high in potassium folate, thiamine and many other plant polyphenols. It’s an injustice to oranges to say they only contain Vitamin C! The same understanding holds true for full spectrum CBD, and has been given the term ‘the Entourage Effect’ by scientists.

Most buyers make the same mistake when buying CBD. Yes, the CBD content is important and usually the most advertised characteristic of the product, but more CBD does not equal better effects. The highest quality full spectrum hemp extracts mean that you won’t require as high a concentration as CBD. Be wary of products where you are quickly having to increase the dosage to experience any effects of the hemp compound. In fact, if you are having to use an oil with high concentrations of CBD in there, chances are that you may be better off finding a brand better quality hemp inputs.

Full spectrum CBD products like Charlotte’s Web and Savage Cabbage contain an array of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and nutritious botanical compounds. The reason why our products are so effective in supporting natural wellness and healthier lifestyles is due to the amplified effect of hemp compounds. Synergistic effects between them enhance the effects of CBD products. Full spectrum CBD oil products are widely purported to have the highest effectiveness and longest-lasting benefits for you.

How do I read the labels of full spectrum CBD oils?

Full spectrum CBD oils are our passion at Savage Cabbage. Our products will always show the minimum amount of CBD per ml of oil, but will also show the concentration of the hemp extract.

For example, Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil may contain 17mg/ml of CBD in it (1.7% equivalent). However, the actual amount of full spectrum hemp extract can range between 28-45mg/ml (2.8-4.5%). The table below breaks down the CBD content and hemp extract content of each of our products.



All of these compounds in a full spectrum hemp extract product are what makes these products more supportive and beneficial, not just the CBD content. And if you’re not getting what you need out of your CBD routine, we recommend switching to a full spectrum CBD oil to see if you can feel the difference.


So how will I know what strength of full spectrum CBD oil is right for me?

The simple answer is that comparing full spectrum CBD products with each other is difficult. Each company has their quality standards and as such, it is important to do your research before purchasing products. Unfortunately, the most common reasons people stop taking CBD is because they are not getting their desired effects and/or they have chosen a cheap, low-quality price.

For beginners, we recommend starting with an entry level product like Charlotte’s Web 17mg CBD Oil or Savage Cabbage 25 Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Starting low and increasing your dosage over time is the tried and tested approach. Over time, you will be able to assess your needs more effectively. More experienced users can go for a stronger product or larger doses.

At Savage Cabbage, we focus on quality over quantity when it comes to our full spectrum CBD products. Charlotte’s Web CBD are probably the most reputable CBD company in the world, with full control over the entire production process and patented genetics. There are very few companies in the world that adhere to this level of quality. Alongside this, we have developed our in-house range of Savage Cabbage full spectrum CBD oils that offer one of the most competitively priced hemp extract products in the UK and Europe.

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